In 1982, Mr Tan Hong Wan, Mr Sri Herry Suharno, Mr Thomas Mintarja and PT Galic Bina Mada intend to expand their business and furthermore founded a company specialized in plastic molding, its name taken from the names of those in 1983, and the company known as PT Tansri Gani or also known as ‘TSG’.

TSG is the first plastic company in Indonesia, who introduces plastic containers for water based paint industry as a replacement for tin cans. The other business of TSG was Polyurethane chemical and its derivative products especially for insulation purpose.

Due to TSG want to focus in producing plastic packaging an, polyurethane became a separate company under the name PT TSG Chemicals, since 2010.

As pioneer in plastic can, primarily for paint industry, TSG has captured the initial market, supplying major player and became the leader in this industry with dominant market share of the available market.

The can design was licensed from International Design Company (IDC) – Australia, since then the company has been taken over by UK based international company, Viscount (Linpac Subsidiary). The can design has been proven as meeting the market demand with best balance between quality and cost.

TSG produces a wide range size of plastic can from 0.5 kg until 20 L and the products are used by all major paint players in Indonesia. As the biggest paint packaging manufacture in Indonesia, TSG produce high quality plastic can with the biggest volume capacity to ensure continuous supply, on time delivery and competitive price



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